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About Us

Hospitality Excellence

We are a dedicated team of visionaries who believe in the transformative power of the home sharing phenomenon. We see every residence as a potential canvas, aiming to connect outstanding properties with discerning guests, crafting unforgettable experiences. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower homeowners to elevate traditional residences into world-class accommodations. As we journey forward, our vision continues to guide us: to connect the world one unforgettable stay at a time.

Beautiful Modern Bedroom

Our Story

During the preparation for a business trip to Switzerland, Leon Cook, our founder, was confronted with a pressing financial concern: how to manage his San Diego mortgage during his absence. Before departing for the Swiss Alps, Leon was struck with a idea: why not list his San Diego home on Airbnb? This pragmatic decision not only alleviated his immediate financial dilemma but also laid the foundation for the inception of Above and Abroad.


However, every dream has its challenges. Leon quickly realized that while the idea was promising, he lacked the systems and processes to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for both travelers and himself. Instead of feeling disheartened, this became his motivation. He was determined to bridge the gap between owners and travelers, creating a seamless experience for both. This ambition, fueled by the hurdles he faced, was the catalyst for Above and Abroad.


Enter the ensemble that would bring this vision to life. Business investors, recognizing the potential in Leon’s dream, offered their expertise, fueling the company’s trajectory. Integral to the success of Above and Abroad were the meticulous cleaning teams. Their unwavering commitment to excellence ensured every home felt inviting, pristine, and safe. Meanwhile, a team of modern technology enthusiasts worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Harnessing the latest digital innovations, they simplified and elevated the entire hosting experience, ensuring seamless connections.


Leon’s solo endeavor quickly transformed into a harmonious symphony, where each member played a vital role. Today, Above and Abroad is not just a business. It's a collective passion, an alliance of dedicated individuals, and a story of a community brought together by a shared vision. A vision that seeks to blend the joys of travel with the comforts of home, wherever in the world that may be.

Our Partners

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